The thinking behind it is not.

What is an ad agency but a group of sales people who work for you?

Just like the employees at your business, we sell things by persuading the masses or just that one individual that it’s your company they need to consider when buying.

Awards … we’ve won many … some even ‘Best of Show.’ Our mission, the thing that drives us, the passion that excites us, is when the communications strategy works and the needle ticks upwards, you sell more and the cash register rings … that’s our award.

We’ve always been fortunate to tie our wagon to a number of thoroughbreds as clients. They already had a great story to tell or a great brand, they just needed someone to tell their story better than they could on their own.

We’ll help you sell what you sell … we sell stuff.

What we do

• Advertising
• Marketing Research and Planning
• Media Research and Planning
• Creative and Design
• E-Commerce
• Sales Promotions
• Direct Marketing
• Branding

Contact info

Dave Hollis

989 797 3300
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Toll-free 866 797 3301 If you have the time, we have the dime

Main Office
– 2130 Brenner Saginaw MI 48602
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